News about the Hometesting Device

 May. 22, 2007

 Yet another 6 Month has passed by, so I asked for any news again.

Waiting for the answer



Nov. 07, 2006

The year is almost over now and I wrote another email, unfortunately the answer was:

There is nothing new to report at this time. Thanks for your inquiry. 
Best regards.


Feb. 06, 2006

I wrote another email and asked them if this device is aproved now. I got the following answer:

Dear Joerg:
There is no news to report since your last communication in October. The end
of 2006 looks promising, though. 
Thanks again for your inquiry.
Richard D. Shunnarah
MetGen, Incorporated

So it seems we have to wait until end of the year ...


Jun. 07, 2005

I wrote another email and got an answer the same day:

Dear Mr. Hohn:
Thanks for your inquiry concerning the MetGen blood phenylalanine monitor.
MetGen is seeking regulatory approval of this unique product and will 
inform the PKU community of availability once known. 
Once approval has been granted, the manufacturing aspects will begin. 
Anticipated timeframe is expected to be 6-12 months once approved. 
Richard D. Shunnarah
MetGen, Incorporated

I will contact them again at the beginning of next year (2006)



Mar. 08, 2005

Read on that Paul van Berkel had also written an email to and got the following answer:

Dear Paul:
MetGen, Inc is seeking FDA approval for the unique PKU blood monitoring device.
At this time, we do not know when approval will be granted. 
Availability and cost have not been determined at this time pending approval.
Thank you for your interest in the MetGen project.
Richard D. Shunnarah
MetGen, Incorporated


Feb. 15, 2005

Pierre Maurel postet an artikel to the PKU-SUPPORT-LIST about the first PKU Hometesting Device. Here are some backgrounds:

The Artikel at

some more links:

I could not find a Website of the company (MetGen Inc.) which seems to build/develop this device so I have written an e-mail to one of the contacts mentioned on the website of gatech and waiting for the answer.