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International PKU Board

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National PKU News

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PKU Online

Kate Wiley's PKU Site with Information, Receipes, Newsletter, ...

An Australien Site

Medical Encyclopedia

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Yale-New Haven Children’s Hospital

Article PKU screening: changing lives for 40 years

The Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre (KMGC)

About the Kuwait Medical Genetics Centre

Online Mendelian Inheritance in Man (National Center for Biotechnology Information)

desription, molecular genetics, diagnosis, population, evolution, history

The University of Minnesota PKU Program and PKU Foundation

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Familyvillage library

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The PKU Place

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University of Washington, PKU Clinic Seattle

What is PKU?, What is the diet for PKU?, How is PKU Monitored?, Resources for Families

The PKU Action Group

The PKU Action Group acts as an advisory resource committee to the University of Washington PKU/Biochemical Genetics Clinic, in order to have input into service delivery to persons with PKU and their families.

A site by SHS International

Mayo Foundation for Medical Education and Research

This is a place for PKU'ers or for people who know someone with PKU or are studying PKU. A place to share experiences, to trade recipes, to learn about how others deal with PKU, or to just to meet others.